About Us

Welcome to the Redline Trading Company. My name is Woody Itson and I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels since the mid 1980s. During the ‘80s I traveled a lot and picked up cars that reminded me of my childhood. In the early ‘90s I collected the early numbered blue cards I would see hanging on the pegs at the local stores. Eventually my focus went right back to the first generation Redline Hot Wheels and I’ve stayed with them ever since. A few years ago, I started paying closer attention to the early Topper Johnny Lightning cars that have Redline wheels. A good friend of mine was into them and he is the reason this website exists today.

Let me tell you a little about the original founder of the Redline Trading Company. His name was Mark Meredith and he was from Grey, TN. Mark loved his family, friends, golf, and Hot Wheels cars. It was that shared passion for collecting and playing golf that made us such good friends. Over the years, we talked about our family, kids, golf, and really just about anything to keep up with each other.

Our annual trip to the Hot Wheels Convention in LA became a topic of many of our discussions. On these trips, Mark and I would usually be joined by our good friends, Mike Stephenson, Colin Bruce, Gerard Grenier, Arthur Tomas, and on occasion by my dad. Mark used to say that this trip was probably the quickest week of the year for him. During one of these trips we discussed setting up a website where we could not only display our finds, but more importantly, give us a great place to sell any future collections we found.

But sometimes life has different plans. Less than 24 hours before Mark and I were to head to the airport to fly to LA for the 2015 Convention, he suddenly passed away while we were golfing. It was devastating to say the least. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about that tragic event. I told his family that one day I would build a website in his memory. Today I'm happy to dedicate this website to Mark. Even though he is no longer with us, his memory and his passion for these cars, live on through his friends and our collections.

I also want to say a huge thank you to my wife, Jacqui. There are times our home looks like a big toy store and it never seems to bother her. In fact, she encourages me to pursue what I’m passionate about. She has put in a lot of time building this site and honoring Mark’s memory. Without her, this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you again Jax. I love you.

In honor of all the collectors out there who are passionate about collecting, we hope you enjoy the Redline Trading Company. We are looking forward to showcasing some really cool things in the future. Woody.

mark meredith woody itson
Mark Meredith & Woody Itson